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Cancer Full Moon of Magnetic Support with Picipes badius

Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Fire Greeting Air with Tricholoma focale

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Dreaming into Purpose with Mycena galericulata

Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination with Atheniella adonis

Taurus Full Moon of Electrical Earth Awakening with Shiitake

Libra New Moon of Trusting this Flow with the Common Mycelial Network

Aries Full Moon of Unlocking Nutrients with Chicken of the Woods

Virgo New Moon of Perceiving With Your Fruiting Body

Pisces Full Moon of Where You Find Yourself To Be with Cryptobiotic Soil

Leo New Moon of Putting Essence to Practice with King Bolete

Aquarius Full Moon of Questioning our Thoughts

Cancer New Moon of Courageous Germination

Capricorn Full Moon of Unexpected Givenness