Cancer Full Moon of Magnetic Support with Picipes badius

Cancer Full Moon of Magnetic Support
with Picipes badius ("Bay Polypore")
08°53' Cancer
Tuesday, December 29, 2020
8:28 pm MST

Welcome to this Cancer full Moon in beautiful Capricorn season! How do you support the magnetic feelings in your body? How do you kindly say thank you to your feelings of insecurity, your smallness, and let them fall away? What preoccupies your mind and deoccupies you of this very moment? What we hold on to is passing away. Let it pass away. 

A crater has been dug into sand, awaiting the tide to reach to the lip of the bowl and wash into the basin. This is the Full Moon in Cancer. What new thoughts, emotions, ideas, and sensations have the chance to fill in? 

This Full Moon, in a T-square with Chiron, illuminates the axis of how you do or do not assert yourself in home, family, business, money. How we've actually had unhealthy behaviors when it comes to asserting, intending, declaring, insisting, and maintaining. What would life look like if we invited or encouraged instead of asserted? How would this perspective be more real with the participating layers of animated ecosystem that we are enmeshed within? 

Jupiter is already in 02°21' Aquarius, and Saturn in 01°24'! The Great Conjunction on the 21st in 0°28' Aquarius and eclipse season has lit up our collective skywatching attention. Throughout 2021, Jupiter transits Aquarius. For the next 27 months, Saturn will do the same. I'd like to repeat my Aquarius Great Conjunction mantra from Cornel West once again: justice is what love looks like in public. The last blog article details this wonderfully awaited conjunction at length.

Picipes badius or Bay Polypore.

January's core astrology transits and aspects:

January 5: Mars clears Rx shadow at 28° Aries
Mars is about to experience some newfound grounded change. Mars entered this shadow on July 25th and stationed Rx on September 9th. Something about unhealthy assertions and aggressions as well as sex, action, momentum, and desire has been changed. Particularly for those with placements near 28° Aries, or anywhere in Aries.

January 6: Mars enters Taurus
Mars has been in Aries since June 27th, for about 6 months! This is about 5 times longer than their usual transit through any sign. With Mars entering earthy Taurus, lovely, sensual, and tenacious energy will be in the air to slowly work on projects or tasks.

January 8: Mercury enters Aquarius
This will be a great month to tune into the fresh, new Aquarian airwaves. Exchanging ideas with others will be impactful. 


Picipes badius or Bay Polypore.

January 8: Venus enters Capricorn
Capricorn is actually such a beautiful sign that gets so much slack! With Venus now illuminating the Capricorn sign, our values, relations, and relationships to money can be infused with poise, grace, and integrity. Capricorn can have GREAT boundaries, understands the architecture of society, can be really wholesome, and has the grit it takes to just get on with it. Capricorn knows how to smash it out of the park and then bring it back home so the people can understand.

January 11: Jupiter sextile Chiron
There will be something working well, harmonious, and feeling right about how we are able to grow and learn from our pain and our trauma. We might not understand it in the moment, but I think this aspect can be really freeing especially as Jupiter is newly in this air sign of mental understanding.

January 13: Venus (in Capricorn) trine Uranus (in Taurus)
I include this transit because trines can be really sweet and in the groove. This is an earth trine, with some added triangulated energy from Vesta in Virgo. The incentive to try new things will be in the air. From experimentation, to distractions, to new relationships, and new ideas. This will be an interesting week for untried and unfamiliar situations. 

Picipes badius or Bay Polypore.

Keep a lookout for 2021's MycoAstrology, which will be published soon.

Sending you Cancer Full Moon Spores of Magnetic Support!!


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