Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Fire Greeting Air with Tricholoma focale

Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Fire Greeting Air
with Tricholoma focale
23°08' Sagittarius
Monday, December 14, 2020
9:16 am MST

This moon cycle presents the long awaited Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in 0 degrees of Aquarius. With the Sun, Mercury, and Moon currently adjoining the South Node in Sagittarius, fire escorts us into the conjunction, on December 21st, also the day of the Solstice and the day Sun enters Capricorn.

This Eclipse is very powerful, especially for those with Gemini-Sagittarius placements, or other mutable sign identifications. Leading us beyond forms that we have identified with. Guiding us beyond origins and through a threshold of uncomfortability and maturity. 

Monday, December 21: Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in 0°28'Aquarius (9:13 am MST) and Solstice: Imagining the Unimagined
Jupiter and Saturn meet for the first time in 20 years, and the closest in 800. Another novel signature of this conjunction is that it begins a new 200 year cycle of meeting in a new element -- air. For the last 200 years, Saturn and Jupiter had met in earth signs.

Old and calcified structures and identities are breaking down. Jupiter and Saturn are the the two social planets, guiding us into connection with one another. How do we deal with growth and responsibility, together? In Aquarius, they explore freedom and innovative new ways of working, and seek the wisdom of maturity, in a collaborative and humane way. This is the moment to allow ourselves to step into imagining what has yet to be imagined. How do we work together, as mature beings on this planet, to feed spiritual food to the world? 

Cornel West offers a sort of mantra for this moment: Justice is what love looks like in public.

How do you invite and invoke this adjustment without intending or commanding it? Many of us see intentions as something special, although my intentioning thereby erases the earth's (and cosmos') dynamic relating. Intentioning is stuck in that very calcified place of colonial overwriting. How do you allow life to come to you without forcing intent? And so, fire welcomes air.

Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Fire Greeting Air: Tricholoma focale.

The Conjunction Details
Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions have historically been referred to as "king-makers" or "royal conjunctions" and are some of the most diligently observed, since ancient times, for cultural, social, and political change. There's also some interesting U.S. history regarding when there's a royal conjunction during the same year as a presidential election (hint: most presidents died). I can't seem to find the wikipedia article I referred to for years... I wonder if it doesn't exist anymore.

We have their conjunction, and we also have the planetary ingresses of Saturn and Jupiter (our solar system's largest planets) entering a new sign. Saturn enters Aquarius first on December 17th. Jupiter enters on December 19th. They conjunct on the same day as the solstice, though ever since July the two planets have been within orb of one another. Jupiter will be traveling through Aquarius for essentially the year of 2021. Saturn, though, will be traveling through here for 27 months until March of 2023.

Did I mention this isn't just a typical Jupiter-Saturn conjunction?
Well here's another reason why. There has been SO much Pluto in the mix this year. Leading up to this conjunction, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter have essentially danced around and in between one another throughout the whole year.

Pluto and Saturn formed a conjunction in 22° Capricorn on January 12th, forming its own 34-year cycle. Jupiter and Pluto formed a conjunction in 24° and 22° three times (due to Rx motion) on April 4, June 30, and November 13. By the time Saturn and Jupiter form their conjunction, they are 7° cleared from Pluto.

Pluto is the courage to uncover the darkness. So, something about this Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius experience is propelled by both of them having a run in with Pluto. We have been shown what is not working.

The dark side of a sign is what gets revealed to us during Plutonian aspects. Capricorn was certainly a host with the most. At their best, Capricorn is a sign of integrity. Of maintaining values even when we don't feel like it. Of living your life in a mature, honorable way.

Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of Fire Greeting Air: Tricholoma focale.

At their worst, Capricorn is a sign of constraint. Of isolation, repressed depression, fear, control issues, authoritativeness, and obsession with the past. We get this, though. We really do. Each zodiac sign seems to be a reaction to the excesses of the previous zodiac sign. So as the two social planets enter Aquarius, we breathe out earth and in fresh air. 

And here's the thing, we don't shun or shame Capricorn. This is one of those things that doesn't work. We respect the lessons and we honor the goodness as we enter the threshold. Pluto remains in Capricorn, by the way, for just a few more years (2008-2023). Pluto's poison certainly has a nutritive value in terms of providing foundation for insights.

How do we respect cardinal Capricorn's earth lessons as Jupiter and Saturn move into fixed Aquarius?

How will you be influenced by the conjunction?
This is a collective and personal shift. For the next year, Jupiter transits a new sign, bringing abundance, expansion, meaning, and possibly inflation. Each of us has a certain flicker of brilliance that is about to be stimulated. What are the shapes of human social relationships that can actually groove together, and that are not so poisonous? What values and assumptions have you internalized that are not actually rooted in your soul's path?

The wind is to our back. This is the year for boldness in the direction of freeing yourself into creatively inventing a future of human-ness. Where is Aquarius (especially 0°) in your chart? Fixed signs will feel the Aquarius movement the most.

What will you be building during Jupiter's 12 months of Aquarius, and during Saturn's 27 months of Aquarius?

I'll say it again. Justice is what love looks like in public. - Cornel West

wonder-full spores of imagining the unimagined



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