Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination with Atheniella adonis

Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination with Atheniella adonis
23°17' Scorpio
Saturday, November 14th, 2020
10:06 pm MST

Welcome to this Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination in Scorpio season!

Where does imagination come from? Is it your imagination? The earth's? How is it dispersed, focused, conscious, unconscious?

Scorpio and transformation are essentially synonyms, but such a unique word as transformation has become washed out and overused. Etymologically, transformation refers to 'change in shape', 'metamorphose', or 'transfigured', originally connoting 'witchcraft'. Metamorphose can be traced to the Greek morphē for form or shape, and meta which has 3 main senses of the word: among or between, change or alter, and higher or beyond. 

And very basically witchcraft refers to lady magician, otherwise also known as healer, diviner, curandera, shaman, or seer in other cultures.

Fungi are one of this planet's grand shapeshifters -- though there are many. Mushrooms represent numerous adaptations and evolutions of form, shape, texture, size, scent, flavor, chemical, toxicity, edibility, medicine, reproduction, reciprocity, and relationship. Atheniella adonis represent a small, but brightly colorful and noteworthy mushroom. While not large, nor distinctly edible, there is something so wonderful and strange about it. 

A fungus cell is a singular hyphal cell, an individual cell of an individual strand of mycelium. Through time and maturation, this hyphal cell actually undergoes multiple transformations into secondary mycelium, into the initial stages of a mushroom fruitbody, into a matured mushroom, into spore production bodies, and into the reproducing spores themselves. The single hyphal cell continually transforms itself into different shapes in the fungal life cycle. The cell in a hyphae (a singular strand of mycelium) is actually the same cell as within a mushroom. 

A mushroom is essentially a mat of mycelium that has undergone incredible (and hardly understood) metamorphosis. This is distinctly unique. A cell of a root of an apple tree is different from the apple. Though we like using the apple to apple tree analogy when explaining mycelium and mushrooms, for many reasons I do not think it fits very well.

For the rest of the month, Sun and Mercury trail through Scorpio. Asteroid Juno is also here, and Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st. How are you experiencing life on every level? Scorpio also has just as much to do with death as it does life. How do you experience death on every level? What are these things referred to as resources and how are they undergoing transformation?

Thursday, November 12th: Jupiter conjunct Pluto for the 3rd and final time this year in 22°51' Capricorn.
This aspect is a strong theme of this year and the year's lingering residue. This first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was on April 4th and the second on June 30th. Consider these 3 moments in time. What has been shown to you? Jupiter-Pluto meeting brings a depth of archetypal quality that includes the seeking of death, the crowning of transformation, and a new cycle of underground growth.

Friday, November 13th: Mars stations Direct in 15°14' Aries
For the entire month of November Mars is much slower than usual. Mars will not clear its retrograde shadow until January 2, 2021 at 28°08 Aries. This is definitely a month to move slowly and to take many breaths and moments of stillness in between.

Thursday, November 19th: Mercury clears their shadow.
The Mercury retrograde in Libra/Scorpio has supported us in reknowing and remembering how to communicate just a little bit differently. Something about the importance of our relationships and of reciprocity have made themselves known.

Saturday, November 21st: Venus enters Scorpio and Sun enters Sagittarius.
The first weeks of November might be confronted with the energy of transformation. Venus will carry out this energy into December to be able to better integrate into what we value and attract.

Saturday, November 28th: Neptune stations Direct in 18°09' Pisces. 
Neptune will be moving slower this month as well as Mars. Retrograde since June, think back to themes of inspiration, disillusionment, escapism, and spirituality you were feeling in early summer. By the end of November, there will only be Chiron and Uranus in retrograde.

Monday, November 30th will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 08°38' Gemini.

sending you deeep scorpio new moon spores of metamorphosis and focused imagination!


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