Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Dreaming into Purpose with Mycena galericulata

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Dreaming into Purpose
with Mycena galericulata
08°37' Gemini
Monday, November 30, 2020
2:38 am MST

Welcome to this Gemini Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of Dreaming into Purpose in this Sagittarius season. This eclipse is exact in the wee hours of tonight.

Eclipses are portals that disrupt or shift patterns and dynamics. Usually there are 4 or 5 eclipses in a year, but 2020 holds 6 of them. This Full Moon is 2020's 5th eclipse and this year's 6th and final eclipse will be the Sagittarius New Moon on December 14th. 

Eclipses regulate karma, which is unconscious conditioning that runs your life. Actions that create reactions. Habitual thought patterns that you identify with. There is collective karma, that which you are born into, and personal karma. What is the momentum behind your thought patterns, emotional patterns, and reactive patterns?

What do you want or do you not want? Let go of old ideas about who you are. If you find yourself fussing, spiraling, or wanting something different, this experience is telling you to let something go. With Neptune just stationing direct and moving slowly for the next 6 weeks, let yourself dream into purpose. Let your awareness get bigger. What is possible? Who do you want to be? What do you not want life to be like? Let these questions guide you within your own process of expansion.

Throughout Sagittarius season, let yourself meditate in the energy of expansion. Imagine expansiveness radiating from your center (wherever that is, on whatever day it is for you). Let yourself align to this eclipse growth. What do you have the time and the space for? What is the meaning behind it?

Mycena galericulata

Gemini is the universal energy of curiosity and exchange, and speaks of how we learn the behaviors that we adopt. Gemini as the first air sign, and first humanoid glyph, invites us to explore the nature of our thoughts. Though many of us have examined the question in great length, we still do not know what a thought is. How do we generate consciousness? Is it mostly through the brain? Are we consciousness through different areas of our body if we focus our attention there?

Thought Forms
Though many of us are inclined to believe that thoughts are nonphysical, a thought, though, is a thought form. Eckhart Tolle explains that a thought is midway between the physical and nonphysical realm. A thought arises and then dissolves, and then here comes another one and it dissolves, too. One thought after another arises, and we rarely stop to listen to anything in the gaps between. We become trapped in this tiresome object consciousness and don't invite space for, well, space consciousness. In this space of dropping our mind into our body, and focusing on breath, we get glimpses of conscious presence. How can you align with your growth and expansion?

Karma (illuminated by this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) represents the total absence of conscious presence, when we just react to action without being conscious of what we are doing. And similarly, Gemini can really represent unconscious presence. Perhaps you've heard that gemini gossips, or plays mind games, or doesn't really mind a little white lie. This is because Gemini's power tool is the mind, and the mind can become detached from feeling, empathy, compassion, intuition, or sensation. 

Are you nourishing the information or is the information nourishing you?
Gemini is nourished by information, interacting with this information, and then giving meaning to it and moving on. Gemini is forever mutating, adapting, and adjusting to circumstances so the soul has a playground (and playmates) to evolve. Much about Gemini's process is the need to make things conscious. To write, speak, draw, express, sing, or communicate what they are experiencing. Gemini gathers life experience that create interaction and exchange in relationships.

What about your Gemini has been gathering excessive information? Are you stimulated by too many arbitrary activities? The Gemini path focuses on communication. Sensitive perception is what Gemini cultivates to awaken a deeper meaning and authentic reality. The unhealthy tendencies of Gemini can include suppressing emotions, being lost in thought, being perfection oriented, immaturity, gullibility, and burning out the nervous system and/or body. 

The mind gives us the power to conceive, to change, and to communicate.

Mycena galericulata

Where is Gemini for you?
Well, first, the 3rd house is naturally Gemini territory, so any planets you have in this house are conditioned by Gemini and its advising planet Mercury. Second, what house or houses contain Gemini or have Gemini on the cusp? This is where Gemini will be strongly displayed. And third, the house and location of your natal Mercury is a partial indicator into this Gemini energy and how it comes out.

This Full Moon will be felt most by the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces). 

Saturday, November 28: Neptune stations Direct at 18°10' Pisces
Neptunian influence is maximized right now, as Neptune just stationed direct and has been moving slower since the beginning of October. It will be in mid-January that Neptune will regain some speed. Now, only Uranus and Chiron are Rx. This Neptune fog might come in the form of delusion, escapism, or spiritual devotion. For the next 6 weeks, Neptune invites us to transcend the mundane and discover the magic of divine connection that is inherent in our hearts.  

Wednesday, December 2: Mercury enters Sagittarius
Truth-seeking, meaning making, and mind-stretching motivate us to perceive through intuition. Finding answers to what we are seeking... though once we get there we inevitably re-spin the wheel. 

Venus travels through Scorpio until December 15th.

Our Sagittarius New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse will be on Monday, December 14th. And then, the much-talked-about transit of Jupiter entering Aquarius happens on the morning of December 19th.

sending you full moon spores of dreaming into purpose


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