Cancer New Moon of Breaking Into Courage with Yellow Unicorn Entoloma

Happy Cancer New Moon! The spores we shed 2 weeks ago have informed our place right now. How have you (or haven't you) been taking responsibility for loving mushrooms? This Cancer New Moon on Monday, July 17th, 2023 of Cancer season is wet and soft, swampy and colorful. And, to touch base with the current status of the faster moving planetary transits: Sun is in Cancer, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo about to station retrograde in 28° Leo on July 22, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus. 

New Moons are slow, inward, dark phases of potential in the cycle of our embodied living. This one might be extra dark and dusty as it opposes Pluto in old Capricorn, at 29° and retrograde. This new moon is at home in Cancer, and is resourced to be as lunar as possible in its domicile. In Cancer, the crab, this is an invitation to honor our deepest, most intimate feelings, recognize the sense of safety in our home life, allow ourselves to accept help and support from others, and start projects that feed our home, family, stability, body, or personal well being. In our personal relationships, how can you take accountability for habitual responses? Now is a time to clear the slate. Where do you come from? What have you been given? What makes you feel safe and nurtured? How do you protect yourself from the unknown? Meditate here. Listen, accept, receive, and clear.

The fungus among us during this quality of time is the Yellow Unicorn Entoloma or Unicorn pinkgill; aka Inocephalus murrayi. A saprotroph, this fungus derives its nutrients by breaking down organic matter. The mushroom bodies can be found in wet woods and swamps, these ones growing on litterfall and moss in a swampy site of mixed hardwood and conifer forest. This mushroom can be found in Eastern North America, montane elevations of the tropics, and Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

Characteristic to this mushroom is their bright yellow coloring, conical cap, cube shaped spores, and of course the fantastically pointy umbo.  During this Cancer New Moon, face your fears and your deepest darkest feelings as any courageous unicorn would. Thank the deep feelings for the insights you've gleaned as you now have more information about how to move forward. Pluto might bring an extra dose of fear-driven reactions and habitual responses. Obstacles that seem to be outside of ourselves propel us in directions... take some time to contemplate how the obstacles might actually be coming from within.

Remember that we are all connected to the invisible center of the earth. We are all anchored on this planet. Acknowledge your place in the oneness of life. Happy Cancer New Moon of Breaking Into Courage! 


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