Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture

Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture
with Pseudosperma sororium or Corn-Silk Fiberhead
in 08°57' Virgo
Saturday, February 27, 2021
1:17 am MST

Welcome to this Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture! Happy Pisces Season! Earthy Virgo distills with purpose and uses their truest skills to nourish others. How can we pause in the stillness of gratitude before becoming critical of what could ("always?") be better? How can we step further into appreciating the moment at hand rather than incessantly looking for the outcome?

The Mushroom
Pseudosperma sororium
, a.k.a. the Corn-Silk Fiberhead, is a fiber cap mushroom (mushrooms whose caps often appear fibrous). These mushrooms are the reproductive structures of the mycorrhizae that can form relations with a wide range of plant families across the world. Pseudosperma species can grow in diverse habitats, from lowland dunes to tropical regions and the arctic. Many of the morphological features of these mushrooms are very similar and since genetic examination has really just begun, this mushroom represents the revolution currently taking place in mycology due to the detailed analysis of mushroom DNA.

Pseudosperma sororium or Corn-Silk Fiberhead. Image by Gabriela D'Elia.

The genus Psuedosperma used to be just a clade (sub group) of the genus Inocybe, but has recently been made its own genus thanks to some genetic analysis. There are about 850 species still in what is considered the Inocybe genus, with only about 40 species newly in their own Pseudosperma genus. In the past few years many new species of Pseudosperma have been discovered in Pakistan, India, China, the U.S., and Australia. And this Pseudosperma sororium is the type species of this genus, meaning this species is the species to which the genus is permanently linked, or the best example of the general characteristics of the genus. A unique feature of the Pseudosperma species is that they have an indistinct spermatic or green corn odor. 

These mushrooms have Virgoan caps of textured fiber shaped by their studious stature. Their diligent connectivity to realms unseen resembles the Virgo Pisces axis. Pseudosperma sororium represent the re-understanding and re-organization that is possible through focusing on the details that really matter. Ultimately, experiencing this mushroom in the flesh might be more fulfilling than understanding its genetic ancestry, even though both can be pretty important.

The Astrology
Throughout the weekend Moon will pass Vesta who is in 15° Virgo (and is in Retrograde). This full moon makes conscious more of what we're dedicated to. How do we celebrate the sacred flames in our lives through the small day-to-day tasks? Virgo teaches to concentrate on what is important and to let go of unproductive distractions. By being present to the task at hand we become closer to this sacred flame.

Pseudosperma sororium or Corn-Silk Fiberhead. Image by Gabriela D'Elia.

Venus is in Pisces (since February 25th) inviting March to be super oceanic with our love and with our connection to all fields. Venus will be conjunct Neptune on March 14th.

On March 3rd Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus. These first few days of March are great for thinking big, getting excited about your thoughts, and making some changes/adjustments towards what you care about.

Mercury stationed Direct on February 21st in 11° of Aquarius. Mercury is just now gaining some momentum once again. Last week our attention might have been more backwards than forwards, but we've now tied those loose ends that were waiting for our attention and are ready to steer forward. Mercury will clear their shadow on March 13th.

Pseudosperma sororium or Corn-Silk Fiberhead. Image by Gabriela D'Elia.


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