Capricorn New Moon of Cause and Effect with Amanita breckonii

Capricorn New Moon of Cause and Effect
with Amanita breckonii
23°13' Capricorn
Tuesday, January 12, 2020
9:59 pm MST

Welcome to this Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto (just 1 degree from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction a year ago on January 12, 2020)! What is working well? What is not working well? And I really mean work. Capricorn represents our integrity, competence, mastery, contribution, and personal authority in this world. This includes challenges, accountability, and discerning how we spend our time and energy. This Capricorn new moon invites us in becoming more aware of how we use our power.

This new moon also gives some space to question how we want to be working in this world. What does work mean for you? What does your work mean to you? How are you in relationship with "work"? How is 'work' in relationship with you? What does work even mean to you? With Pluto nearby, we might come to understand more of the primal urges associated with "our work".

Amanita breckonii is here for their graceful and confident stature -- fruiting with integrity. We can tell they are powerful beings even if we aren't quite sure how to identify them. 

Amanita psuedobreckonii. Photo by Gabriela D'Elia.

A dark side of Capricorn that is really surfacing right now is the fact that we "make intentions" for the new year, or for the new moon. Through intentioning, we are really just trying to whip life into a mold -- an idea that is REALLY stuck in our human-centric, stratified, hierarchical, and controlled ideals. How can you unlearn this in your life? How can you let go of intentioning and welcome in the dialogue of possibilities? 

How can you take accountability for your desires, your motivations, and also live in the existence that you're not here to exert your will. To just be present and open to the mysteries?

January 14: Uranus stations Direct in 06°43' Taurus
All planets will be in forward motion until late April, except for Mercury's retrograde which begins on January 30. Uranus is one of Aquarius' mentors, so the first few weeks might seem slow and stagnant (when it comes to the Age of Aquarius) and then things will activate once Uranus gains forward momentum.

January 17: Jupiter square Uranus (06°44' Aquarius to 06°44' Taurus)
The planet of possibility and insight is challenged by the planet of revolution and freedom. Our spirits are activated by unique ideas, spontaneity, and new changes.

Amanita psuedobreckonii. Photo by Gabriela D'Elia.



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