What is MycoAstrology?

WeRecomposing is Gabriela's practice that rides the waves between mycology (the study of fungi) and astrology, or earth based medicine that honors the changing seasons and planetary movements.

Gabriela writes MycoAstrology for every Dark and Full Moon and the spaces in between. You can keep up to date with her whereabouts by joining our Emailcilium Newsletter.

Gabriela practices Tropical Astrology, which is an Earth-based medicine that honors the dance of polarities and changing seasons as Earth spins around our light source, Sun. As Earth rotates around Sun through their orbit, different forces will pull on Earth and influence Earth's growth cycles. Astronomical cycles participate with our energetic experience as beings on Earth. Water, dreams, flowers, mushrooms, bears, moods, moons, weather, and energy -- we all pulse and flow in an ever-changing transformation between polarities throughout the day, the night, and the year.

As astrology is a language of polarities, fungi are the grand inhabitants of the below and the above. Fungi are the masters of the in between -- their beings expand through the earth, permeate the surface, and fruit incredible, mesmerizing, delicious, mysterious, and medicinal bodies. In the darkness, fungi digest, connect, share nutrients, extend root systems, degrade contaminants, unlock nutrients, and support resilient, wealthy, and expansive habitats. Once conditions are right, their fibers knot, and pop up towards the heavens, towards our universal source of light, warmth, and change. We can learn a lot by listening to the harmony created by pulses of the planets and the pulses of fungal growth.

Fruiting Fungus Life Cycle
MycoAstrology is a language of healing unity that integrates the celestial with the terrestrial. By tuning into the sacredness of the fungi, who inhabit realms seen and unseen, we begin to integrate our own fruiting bodies. Our emotional body, energetic body, spiritual body, pain body, ancestral body, and cosmic body. We integrate our mind with our heart, our breath with our walk, and dreams with our actions. We resonate with the frequencies of the cosmic fungus. 

The fungus is a framework for showing us how we can more fully embody and heal our co-creation with the planet. Each fruiting body invites us to feel, observe, smell, listen, taste (and maybe spit out), and live rich in our senses. The fungus also invites us to question what is hidden beneath the surface of our fruitings and to continually evolve through connections. Through a fungal frame, both our fruiting bodies and community ecology become stronger, more resilient, and develop a larger capacity for digestion and creation. Fungi are truly recomposers, or life givers, instead of simply decomposers.

Astrology is a healing tool that releases from the bondage of blind action and unconscious motivated experience. MycoAstrology brings awareness to each person's authentic nature and intrinsic potential in a way that does not sever experience from the earth. MycoAstrology does not isolate ourselves from the Earth, or each other. Through drawing parallels between all beings, all organisms, and bodies -- planets or mushroomss, we dawn a larger perspective. Only in this way can we integrate ourselves as an active participant of not only our own beautiful Earth, but also the cosmos. As fungi are our sacred ancestors, we can trace their lineage to sources outside of our immediate atmosphere and into our solar system. Perhaps their spores drifted into our atmosphere and brought the first signs of germinating life. When we invite our attention to integrate the pulsing cycles of the cosmos, fungi, and ourselves, we can more consciously balance, integrate, transform, heal, and evolve.

You can read more about my WeRecomposing offerings here.

Peace, love, and spores.

-- Gabriela


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